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How to Join

Who Can Join

Membership in MUNA Federal Credit Union is open to you if you live, work (or regularly conduct business in), worship, attend school in or if you operate businesses and other legal entities located in Lauderdale County, Mississippi. You may also be eligible for membership if you have an immediate family member who is a member of MUNA. A great benefit of joining MUNA is that once you open your membership, your immediate family will also become eligible for membership. In both cases, we consider "immediate family" to be anyone related by blood or marriage.

As a member of MUNA you are a part owner of a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Once you join, your membership is for life, as long as you maintain your account in good standing. Our policy is “Once a Member, Always a Member” — even if you no longer meet the criteria in Lauderdale County, you may still remain a member of the credit union. To keep this standing, however, you will need to keep a minimum balance of $25 in your Regular Share Savings account and keep it active.

To begin being a member, you must open a Regular Share Savings account. This gives you a share ownership in MUNA Federal. To begin your membership, please do the following in person at our office:

  • Complete a membership application

  • Bring a government or state issued photo ID

  • Bring your social security card

  • Deposit a minimum of $25


Special membership privileges are available for children under the age of 17. For our “younger” member to join, please:

  • Complete a membership application

  • Bring a birth certificate

  • Deposit a minimum of $5

  • When the younger member turns 18, the account must have a minimum balance of $25



How To Join

Open a share savings account.

A $25 minimum deposit is considered a member’s share in MUNA to open the door to our full array of products and services. Click the button below to start the membership process, or stop by and visit one of our Financial Services Representatives.




Once a Member, Always a Member

Once you become a member, you a e a member for life! Even if you move from our area, you will retain your MUNA membership rights as long as you maintain a minimum balance of $25 in your Share Savings Account.

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